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Virtual Active Hike Series 6

Posted by Chris Galipo on June 23, 2015 (0 Comments)
Virtual Active Hike Series 6 invites you to explore the Hawaiian Islands and much more. Come trek the ridges of the spectacular "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" in Kauai. Explore the martian landscapes of the Sliding Sands Trail in Maui. Find your way through caves and lava tubes on Hawaii's Big Island. But that's not all, Hike Series 6 also takes you to more places in Taiwan, such as the famous Bao'an Temple in Taipei. After all the island hopping, come hike through the Forests of Costa Rica in this jungle-centric counterpart to our Central American series.
Hike Series 6 is offered as basic workouts, where you enjoy the scenery at your own pace, and is available as HD or SD downloads.

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