About Virtual Active

Virtual Active is a California based media and technology company dedicated to creating a more enjoyable and effective cardio workout experience.  We believe that regular television distracts a viewer, but detracts from the workout, and so we've designed Virtual Active running, hiking, and biking videos elevate your fitness experience.

Along our journey, camera technology fanatics, film geeks, fitness buffs, and the most forward-looking companies in the fitness industry have joined us. They’ve all helped us to reach our initial goal: the creation of a cardio experience that entertains, motivates, and enhances performance using professional training tools and stunning visuals.

We believe the result is the best cardio entertainment in the world, but we also believe there is more to achieve.  We're moving faster than ever to continue improving the experience, and you're invited to join us.  Whether you're a user, facility manager, or fitness business looking to create a better cardio workout, your journey begins here.